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Current and future events


Students stem cell laboratory
with the students of the Friderico –Francisceum Gymnasium Bad Doberan 2020

June 12-26, 2020
in the BMFZ research building, Schillingallee 69, Rostock


Julia Jung, PhD student
Phone: +49-381 498-8972



16th National Healthcare Industry Conference 2020
actively represented

May 06, 2020
in Warnemünde, Yachthafenresidenz


Dr. rer. nat. Anna Skorska, scientist
Phone: +49-381 498-8974



Long Night of Sciences 2020

April 24, 2020, from 4 p.m.
in the research building Life, Light & Matter, Albert-Einstein-Str. 25, Rostock


Mandy Klingbeil, Projektmanagement AG Forschung
Phone: +49-381 498-8974



Medical Biotechnology (MBT) 2020

April 1st to June 24th, 2020
in the BMFZ research building, Schillingallee 69, Rostock


Dr. rer. nat. Christian Rimmbach, scientist
Phone: +49-381 498-8972



Science Day 2020
with the students of the Rostock Christophorus School

March 05, 2020
in the BMFZ research building, Schillingallee 69, Rostock

Handling with laboratory equipment, cell staining, microscopy of stained cells, protein measurements and much more ...


Mandy Klingbeil, Projektmanagement AG Forschung
Phone: +49-381 498-8974



1. Statusmeeting iRhythmics 

10th of March 2020

Department Life, Light & Matter
Research building LL & M
Albert-Einstein-Str. 25, 18059 Rostock

Flyer Statusmeeting iRhythmics


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Robert David, Koordinator iRhythmics
Professor für Regenerative Medizin in der Herzchirurgie der Universitätsmedizin Rostock
Phone: +49-381 498 8973

Dr. Anna Skorska, Projektmanagerin iRhythmics
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
Phone: +49-381 498 8974 // -381 494 6105




Day of Science 2019 with the pupils of the Christophorusschule Rostock

07th of March 2019 in the research building LL & M

Handling with laboratory equipment, staining of cells, microscopy of stained cells,
protein measurements, etc.




"Science to experience"
Participants of the
international youth community service ijgd

May 22, 2019 in the research building LL & M

Prof. Dr. Gustav Steinhoff, Prof. dr. Robert David, team of the research group lead through the seminar





9th Research Workshop of the University Medical Center Rostock
"National and international research partners of the University of Rostock introduce themselves"

November 16, 2018, Campus Ulmenstraße

Programmed pacemaker cells for in vitro drug testing - iRhythmics
Dr. med. Heiko Lemcke




Schoolday of science

Speaker: Entire team

Date/Location: 08th of March 2018, 9 - 16 in the laboratory of LL&M

Schoolday of science (.pdf, German)


Invitation RTC Seminar in June 2015


Invitation RTC Seminar



RTC Seminar



RTC Seminar




8th Annual Meeting of the German Society for Stem Cell Research and 12th Baltic Summer Academy for Cardiac Surgery in Rostock

Use the following link to find the program

Further information:

Congress president
Prof. Dr. med. Gustav Steinhoff



RTC Seminar


Generation of specific cardiamyocyte subtypes from stem cells

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Robert David

May 7th 2013, 11.00 am

BMFZ, Schillingallee 69, 18057 Rostock: Seminar Room 10

Since November 2012 Prof. Dr. Robert David is professor for regenerative medicine of heart surgery at University Medicine Rostock. In his lecture he will present his work on cell programming and the cell differentiation into cardiomyocytes.








Call for abstracts / Invitation

European Society for Artificial Organs meets in Rostock September 2012

Abstracts for presentations and posters could be submitted online as of now

Rostock. The 39th Annual Meeting of the “European Society for Artificial Organs“ (ESAO) will take place in Rostock in the end of September 2012. The local organizers are Prof. Gustav Steinhoff, Head of the Clinic and Policlinic for Cardiac Surgery at the University of Rostock and Prof. Steffen Mitzner, Head of the Department of Nephrology at the University of Rostock as well as Dr. Wolfgang Ramlow, Medical Head of the Group Practice for Dialysis and Apheresis in Rostock.

400 experts from Europe, the United States and Japan are expected for the meeting themed „from replacement to regeneration – from science to clinic” to exchange the latest results from research and clinic for 4 days. The program envisages special topics on heart, kidney and liver. The organizers would like to provide in particular young scientists a platform to present their work. Abstracts for presentations or posters can be submitted over the website by the end of March 2012.


Baltic Summer Academy 2011:

Wild at heart – ­young surgeons and the future of cardiac surgery

August, 25th to 27th in Heiligendamm
find more information here


Previous events

  2011-06 → Delegations from all over the world visited the RTC in May
2011-04-20 → RTC Seminar: The Sleeping Beauty-based non viral, integrating vector system for therapy
2010-12-06 → RTC Seminar: Aging of Mesenchymal Stem Cells
2010-04-28 → Workshop “cardiac stem cell therapy and tissue engineering”


2011 - June

Delegations from all over the world visited the RTC in May

There was active interest in the work of the RTC in May: four delegations from four different continents visited us in Rostock. The visitors focused on different aspects: first on the scientific, then on the clinical aspects. But they were highly interested in the interaction of clinic, laboratory and tranlation-management and perceived it as something special.
At the beginning of May Prof. Dr. Tsutomu Nobori, dean of the medical faculty of the Mie-University and Prof. Dr. Esteban Gabazza, leader of the international Exchange Program as well as Prof. Dr. Takatsugu Shimono, a cardiac surgeon, came from Japan to discuss about new activities within the framework of the already existing cooperation-work.

from left to right: Dr. Hirano Koji (RTC), Prof. Takatsugu Shimono, Prof. Esteban Gabazza, Prof. Tsutomu Nobori; Prof. Mittlmeier, Prof. Steinhoff und Prof. Freund (Uni Rostock)

Few days later a delegation of German Trade & Invest from Berlin and Washington visited us in oder to talk about prospective bilateral projects. Physicians and scientists from Vienna gathered information about translational and clinical aspects of cardiac stem cell therapy.
Finally, at the end of May visitors from Brazil, Milton A- Ruiz, editor of the Brazilian Journal of Hematology and Hemotherapy and Prof. Dr. Oswald T. Greco from the Heart Centre Rio Preto in Sao Paulo met Prof. Strauer and Prof. Steinhoff to discuss about current aspects of cardiac stem cell therapy and joint projects.


RTC Seminar

The Sleeping Beauty-based
non viral, integrating
vector system for therapy

Speaker: Dr. Zsuzsanna Izsvak

April 20th 2011, 11:00 am
BMFZ, Schillingallee 69, 18057 Rostock: Seminar Room 10

  Dr. Zsuzsanna Izsvak is the head of the research group Mobile DNA at the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin-Buch.

DNA transposons are mobile genes transposing with low intrinsic activity. These elements are self-regulated and interact with cellular host factors without producing serious levels of genetic damage. Transposons offer a new model to study DNA recombination in higher organisms, as well as host-parasite interaction. Transposons are also natural gene delivery vehicles that are being developed as genetic tools.

The research group Mobile DNA is following the strategy of understanding the mechanism of transposition and its regulation and translate this knowledge to derive transposon-based genetic tools for genome manipulation or for gene therapy.


RTC Seminar

Aging of Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Speaker: Dr. Alexandra Stolzing

December 6th 2010, 11:30 am
BMFZ, Schillingallee 69, 18057 Rostock: Seminar Room 10

Dr. Alexandra Stolzing is group leader "Stem Cell Biology" at the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology in Leipzig.

Since the capacity of adult stem cell to assist with the regeneration of tissue and organs seems to decline during aging, Dr. Stolzing is investigating which factors determine how progenitor cells change during aging. From this understanding, techniques to alter the behavior of aged progenitor cells can be developed. Such technologies will be particularly critical for the use of stem cell therapies in the elderly or in people with diseases, in which the autologous stem cell quality might be impaired. The group of Dr. Stolzing attempts to "prime" stem cells via a novel combination of methods with the aim of increasing their capacity to regenerate in vivo.


Workshop “cardiac stem cell therapy and tissue engineering” 

From 28th to 30th of April the second “isle workshop” took place: this is an annual meeting of members of the working group “stem cells” of the German Cardiac Society and members of the working group “basic research” of the German Society for
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

The 35 participnats addressed the interdisciplinary topic “cardiac stem cell therapy and tissue engineering”. What makes this workshop so special is the fact that young and experienced scientists discuss their current research in a cooperative and intensive working atmosphere. The small island of Vilm, located near Ruegen fits in that concept perfectely. For the first “isle workshop” the two working groups met last year on the isle of Frauenchiemsee.

The workshop participants
Romantic island atmosphere: Vilm belongs to the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation. There is restricted access for visitors.




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