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Report on the Reference- and Translation Center for Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy (RTC)


„The regrowing heart“

Seven years after the foundation of the Reference and Translation Center for Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy (RTC) at the University Medical Center Rostock  the actual RTC-Report 2008-2014 entitled “The regrowing heart” is now available. In this report the center introduces itself, delivers deeper insight into its research- and development-activities of stem cell and cardiac regeneration, illustrates the procedure of implementation in clinical practice, describes the development of latest technologies of stem cell modification to improve the benefit of therapies for patients and, finally, it provides data and facts for interested readers.

The Report is available for download:

RTC Report 2008-2014 (German)
RTC Report 2008-2014 (English)

In case of interest we are also happy to send you a hard copy.



Legal The RTC is supported by the BMBF and the State Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania using EU Structural Funds.