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Regenerative Therapies Kapitel "Heart"

Regenerative Medicine - from Protocol to Patient Bd. 5



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Regenerative Medicine - from Protocol to Patient Bd. 2 Stem Cell Science and Technology 

Stem Cells for Cardiovascular Regeneration



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Qualitätsmanagement bei neu gegründeten Life-Science-Unternehmen

In: Jochen Becker und Thomas R. Villinger (Hrsg.)

LIFE SCIENCE VENTURING 2017 Springer Gabler Wiesbaden


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Steinhoff G (Herausgeber)

Regenerative Medicine - from Protocol to Patient (Third Edition)



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Mobilization of Bone Marrow-Derived Endothelial Progenitor Cells Finnish Sauna: A Pilot Study



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Cardiac FDG-PET: a straight forward tool with high potential



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Gap junctional shuttling of miRNA -A novel pathway of intercellular gene regulation and its prospects in clinical application





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